Thursday, July 1, 2010

More about Wikis, New info on Web Quest and loads of homework

So I was too busy yesterday trying to figure out what I am supposed to be doing to even think about my rationales. I feel like Dr. Davis thinks we don't have any other classes. This should be a two part class cuz there is too much for one short summer semester... I asked today and several people feel as I do...Too much, too quick.
Wikis seem unreliable as anyone can change, update or add/delete information. I am so skeptical of the information on Wikis that I don't really want to even attach my name to one. I am not an expert in ANYTHING so how is it I can post information regarding anything...
Web Quest on the other hand, looks amazing and I can't wait to play with that a little more. I don't exactly get why we are creating lesson plans yet, but I will just go with this and not ask too many questions.
I am so glad we have a long weekend so I can catch up.
My rationales will all be done this weekend and I will catch up on the techy stuff.
Grrr. Overwhelmed.

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