Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Digital Storytelling

Even though my Photo Story 3 project has already been completed, I wanted to find out more so that I could use it in the future. I went to the UEN site and watched DIGITAL STORYTELLING for one of my 4 UEN assignements.
I learned several new things.
First, I had no idea that Window had a movie maker which was nice to learn.
The infomation regarding video importing was very helpful as well as the suggestions for classroom use. I could actually see myself doing a project with my grandkids to use this at home. Kids can use this to "paint" there own stuff and make a story board out of the story. It could be used as an opportunity for classroom collaboration as well.
There was some super useful information on triming, sizing and editing.
A few minor things to work around such as the fact that you can't insert an audio track and narration at the same time. But that is something that you could work around.
The video was helpful but several of the things he tried to show didn't exactly work like he wanted and I never got to see the finished product.
He did remind viewers that it was all wasted unless it was saved appropriately.
He also took us to his personal blog which listed several bookmarks and some other cool gadgets.

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